Ayyappa pilgrims - Fred Canonge
Ayyappa pilgrims
Ayyappa pilgrims come, for the most part, from the South Eastern Sate of Andra-Pradesh. They worship Lord Ayyappa, a Hindu deity that is mostly revered and known in South India.

During their 41 day pilgrimage, which usually takes place in December and January each year, Ayyappas travel from temple to temple, visiting some of the most significant religious towns and villages in South India. Reaching the Temple of Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala, in Kerala, constututes the culminating point of the pilgrimage and marks the end of their tour.

These photographs were taken over the last few years, in Karnataka Sate, as well as in the great ancient Dravidian temples of Tamil Nadu, where i encountered different groups of Ayyappa pilgrims.