Majuli Island - Fred Canonge
Majuli Island
Tucked away in the Western part of Assam state (North East India), the island of Majuli lies on the Brahmaputra, one of Asia's greatest rivers. It is home to different tribal communities, such as the Mising people, and is the heart of neo Vaishnavism, a tolerant and nonconformist Assamese movement initiated in the 15th century by social and religious reformer Sankardeva and his disciple Madhavdeva. Several sattras (monasteries), remain important centres of Sattriya art and culture, where Sakardeva's philosophy is taught and where different generations of Bhakats (artist monks) live in peaceful harmony.
But behind the idyllic peacefulness of this rural and spiritual watery world the reality is quite harsh. Much of Majuli's land keeps disappearing under water every year, as the Brahmaputra erodes the island faster and faster after each Monsoon. 'Majuli is in danger', everyone says and it is both hard and painful to imagine that the greedy Brahmaputra waters may soon submerge what was once the greatest river island in the world.

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