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          Undersink RO Water Purifier



          Undersink RO Water Purifier


          RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane. 5-Stage Filtration

          Product Parameters

          Product Model: KFL-DMD-75

          Product Net Weight: 11.6 kg

          Flow Rate: 200 ml/min

          Water Temperature: 5-45°C

          Configuration: 4-stage with pump

          Product Size: 360mm*200mm*460mm

          Filtration Accuracy: 0.0001 μm

          Rated Total Flow: 3000 L

          Inlet Pressure: 0.15-0.4 Mpa

          Water Quality: Municipal water

          NOTE: The water quality is certified with the standards required from "Sanitary Standard ror Hygienic Safety and FunctionEvaluation on Treatment Devices of Drinking Water--- Reverse Osmosis Device (2001)"